Nukeproof Releases a GREAT Video Featuring Hardtail Riding

If you are wanting to see a video that features a bunch of friends just having a blast out riding…this is it. Nukeproof did a great job of putting this one together.

Quite possibly the best video shoot in the world*, ever (*we can’t prove this statement). Our Scoutin’ About Series encapsulates everything we all love about bikes. Simple no nonsense, messing about, getting the stoke kettle boiling hot with great mates and egging each other on to go bigger, faster and wilder. All on the Nukeproof Scout.

Sure, in the strange days of 2020/21 there is little need to “promo” a bike, but we really wanted to shoot this edit just for pure entertainment value. So, grab a brew and put your feet up for 3 minuets’ plus of pure madness. (we urge you to stream this on the biggest screen you can and watch it again and again, like comment and subscribe and all that YouTube Jazz). We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Riders: Elliott Heap- Scout 275 Team Chain Reaction Cycles build (Medium)
Adam Brayton – Scout 275 custom build
Blake Sampson- Scout 275 Pro (GMBN spec)
Lil Robbo- Scout 275 Race

All captured on Tommy C’s new super camera and with Laurence Crossman-Emms on the still’s. Filmed somewhere in the North of the UK, Mr Adam Brayton did a masterful job of building & finding locations for the shoot. Once you have enjoyed the edit, we will follow with some bike checks and a full photo story (there too good).

You too can buy the threads that Elliott, Adam and Owen are wearing too as our new Ridewear line is out now! Huge thanks to Elliott, Adam, Blake, Lil Robbo (RIP), Tommy C, Laurence, Jack, Oli, Katie, the Cumbrian Ambulance service and all the staff at Cumberland Infirmary. Roll on Scoutin’ About 4D…

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Randy Garrity December 31, 2021 - 4:29 pm

Great video! I am now age 66 and have rode hardtails my entire life.When I was a kid I won the longest jump contest using my friends bicycle with the largest front sprocket being like a 46 tooth on a single speed bike.


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