Paws and Wheels 2

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I have 3 Boxers so I obviously have zero clue what it is like to ride with your dog for obvious reasons. They are incredible dogs…just not good for trail use.

I have always enjoyed videos of dogs shredding it on trails with their owners. There is something about the relationships and pure joy in pets that is hard to ignore. They just seem to make everything they are a part of better.

Later this month, they are releasing a full length video of this series so be on the lookout for that.

Yeah, Oli and Balu’s adventures go on: we proudly present the trailer of Paws & Wheels 2. So many of you asked for a longer version or a second movie – and we listened! Over the summer of 2019 we filmed Paws & Wheels II and this time, Oli will tell you more about his adventures with his ultra shredding furry friend Balu.

Stay tuned for the full movie release November 2019.

Title pic by: Janik Steiner
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