Results: Do You Ride A Road Bike Poll

Two weeks ago, I hit you guys up with a simple question in relation to those skinny tired machines that don’t like to get dirty…road bikes. Basically, do you ride one or not and a little bit more detail into why given the questions that were presented. To be honest, the results surprised me a little bit, so let’s dive in and take a look at what we came up with.

Road Biking Poll Results

What do the road biking poll results say?

  • An overwhelming majority of you (me included in this group at 51%) answered yes to the question and you ride your road bike pretty frequently.
  • 20% of you use your road bike as a cycling outlet when the trails are either wet or closed for some other reason.
  • 19% of you are interested, but with limited funds available for pedal induced motion, the dirtier side of things gets the love from the wallet.
  • The remaining 10% just aren’t interested.
Why didn’t I expect these results?

I was really expecting the bottom 10% to be higher. Until several years ago, I was a 100% dirt guy. The thought of putting on spandex and hitting the road was not a priority and I was happy being a dirt only kind of rider. After awhile, I started looking for ways to get over that fitness plateau and road biking is where I went to get that fitness. Why not be on the bike if I am just trying to get into better shape right?

Something weird happened at that point. I realized that I could mimic the feeling of being on a motorcycle in the mountains while still increasing fitness at the same time. This same kind of 40+ mph adrenaline rush came without the aid of a motor and completely changed how I looked at the skinny tired bicycle. When done right, I can get that same feeling I do on dirt…on the road. That is when my complete bias towards road biking ended and I became a convert.

It is good to see that so many of you are using the road bike as another form of cycling obsession even if it is just a tool to keep the stoke going. 71% of you use a road bike on a regular basis and that goes against the myth that mountain bikers are not interested in being roadies. Is Ramping Up

The lighter, faster side of Bike198 is starting to dig in rubber to asphalt. Setup at the beginning of this year, is going to start kicking into high gear. If you are interested in guest posting, reviewing your favorite product or just being a part of the family, hit me up and we can get things started…

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