Review: Bicycle Dreams – It’s The Race For Life

Bicycle Dreams Movie Review

The crew over at Bicycle Dreams sent over a copy of their video for review on The film goes on a journey with several of the solo racers as they attempt to conquer The Race Across America (RAAM). Before we get into the film, let’s take a look at what it is about and RAAM itself.


They are seekers, madmen, and angels hell-bent on riding across America on a bicycle in less than ten days. But what begins as the adventure of a lifetime is transformed in an instant when tragedy strikes the race. These voyagers discover what is truly at stake as they pedal on, praying for the deliverance only the finish line can bring. By journey’s end, some are saved, others are lost, but all learn that the fuel that takes a soul toward its own true destiny is desire.

About the Race Across America (RAAM)

The Race Across America is an epic, 3000-mile bicycle race from the Pacific to the Atlantic. First held in 1982, RAAM is considered the most challenging sporting event in the world. Top riders finish in under 10 days, riding over 300 miles per day and sleeping only a few hours per night. Amid the sleepless grind, riders must endure the searing heat of the Mojave Desert, the agonizing climbs and descents of the Rockies, the driving winds of the Great Plains, and the twisting switchbacks of the Appalachians before the final sprint to the finish line in Atlantic City. With little prize money at stake, the fundamental goal of the race is simply to finish, a challenge half of all riders fail to meet.

Review: Bicycle Dreams – It’s The Race For Life

At first, I really didn’t know what to expect out of Bicycle Dreams. The film covers an endurance race across America by following several of the solo racers as they attempt to achieve an incredible feat. When you look at the stats from this race, it is mind blowing that a human body can actually indure that kind of pain and exhaustion…but even more so…that people actually sign up to do it! It really is incredible when you sit back and think about it.

I saw all of the awards this movie has received on the cover but tried to keep a clear head before I hit the play button. Covering endurance racers and capturing that pain and drive on film is not an easy task to accomplish. There are not too many exciting descents or last minute sprints…just solo riders out on the roads of America trying to overcome their mind and body to reach the finish line.

To my surprise, Bicycle Dreams touched me in a way that I did not think was possible. The simple editing (as you can see by the trailer) opened up the opportunity to really connect with the riders as you watch them conquer the hardest race in the world. As you watch the film, you get an insiders look at what it really takes to be an endurance athlete at the top of their game. From the exciting start to the devastating events that take place, Bicycle Dreams brings you into the support vans and into the hearts of the riders pushing to make it across the country in one piece.

Bicycle Dreams is not an action packed, sprint filled blockbuster…it is a look inside the hearts of individuals that can alter how you feel about cycling, pushing your own personal limits and what life is really all about. Bicycle Dreams is an inspiration to get up and make something better in your life when you can see and feel what we…as people…are truly capable of.

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