The Cycling Community

by Robb Sutton

Last night, a group of us got together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of some of our best riding friends. While we were at dinner, this post that I wrote back in March came to mind. This close nit group is comprised of all of the typical riding niches from endurance racer to recreational rider to downhiller to roadie and all of us share the same passion for riding. The cycling community is one of those rare groups that tend to relate to each other in any discipline.

I thought I would share the post from March over again since there are a lot of subscribers and visitors that have come on since that time. The reason I started this blog was to extend the reach of my cycling community and share my passion for the sport. Blogging is just another avenue to communicate and interact with others in developing niches. I can’t think of a better sport to be involved in and I have been apart of many over the years.

The Cycling Community

On my ride to work today, a thought occurred to me…”There is no other group of people like the cycling community.” This very tight knit group has very diverse backgrounds, views, opinions and ages but in the end…they all get along great together with their common passion…biking. Every weekend there are large numbers of these groups getting together and sharing their love of the outdoors and their hobby.

I have never been part of a group that enjoys what they do this much. No matter what happened at the office that week or what issues you are having in your personal life, you can always count on a great ride with great friends almost every weekend and even during the week. Even bad days on the trail or road are better than a day at the office or being stuck inside because of bad weather.

Every ride includes personal accomplishments, laughter and all around good times. Every time I am out on a group ride, I wonder how the “other people” get this kind of enjoyment because I can’t think of any other way.

The best part is…no matter which form of biking you are involved with…road, racing, endurance racing, downhill, all mountain, cross country, track, pleasure…the common interest brings you together. I find myself constantly checking out other cars with bike racks mounted or stickers displaying bike brands and giving a friendly wave. These people understand what it is all about.

There is a feeling like no other that you get during a great ride. On each group ride you hear numerous stories of these events while you are trying to create another one. Riders are constantly building their skills and challenging themselves to make those rides better with each run.

Where else can you hang out with a group of friends and get to see views like this? Biking will take you to places that people only dream about. With the busy cities that many of us live in today, it is great to get out with a group of friends into the clean mountain air.

The biking industry has some of the best customer service and hands on company owners/employees. Why is this? Unlike most industries, the employees share the same common interest as their customers. This passion for biking brings the industry even closer with their customers in a way that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. It’s not every day that you can talk to the guys that help design and make the products you ride.

The cycling community’s growing online presence has brought together groups from all over the globe. Communities like Ridemonkey, MTBR, Sorba and PinkBike have brought together group rides and friends that may have never been able to meet before.

Long story short…if you aren’t in the know…you are missing out.

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