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Video Proof: It Is Not The Equipment, It's The Rider

Carbon Road Bike Trials Mountain BIkingWe spend a lot of time talking about bikes, equipment and how it will allow us to experience a different kind of riding on new terrain. While there is a lot of truth to the subject, pure bike handling skill will trump equipment any day of the week. To prove that posted a video yesterday of some amazing stunts done on a carbon road bike.

Granted…it is Martyn Ashton…but you get the idea. It’s a great reminder that it is not always about what you are riding, but how you are riding it. Enjoy the video and the weekend out on the trail.

It’s not every day that you see a carbon road bike being used as a stunt machine — hopping over boulders at the beach and styling it up at the skate park.

British trials legend Martyn Ashton does just that and more in his latest video, The BikeRadar Roadie.

The clip sees Mountain Biking Hall of Fame member Ashton hit the tarmac on his carbon Raleigh Avanti Team on his way to the UK’s premier bike festival, BikeRadar Live — which takes place on 10-11 July.