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Video Re-Edit: Anthill ‘Don’t Follow Me’ – MTB film

I’m not sure how the guys at Anthill Films feel about this re-edit of their film, but it does make for a very cool sequence. Mark Minton is a fan of the Anthill Films and he created this re-edit to pay homage to the best in the business when it comes to mountain biking cinematography and film making.

At Bike198, we are not fans of taking someone else’s work and creating your own video for promotional purposes (of course we are feeding it by publishing it here). At least Mark didn’t take credit for what wasn’t his. What do you guys think?

Homage to ‘Follow Me’ by Anthill Films, one of the best mountain bike freeride films of a generation. Title track by Paul Barnes (PB101) – “My Eyes have seen the Glory”.