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Bike198 Bike Forums and CommunityThe online community here at Bike198 is a strong one. With 6 figure visits per month and increasing expansion into other aspects of cycling, we are poising ourselves for continued growth to keep the ability to churn out the tips and reviews for you guys. It has been a fantastic ride so far, and we are looking forward to what the future brings as we continue to hit the dirt, pavement and anywhere else pedal induced forward motion is allowed. Thank you for the continued support as this project continues to hammer forward. Here are a couple of things we have going to keep you up-to-date and informed as easily as possible, so check these features out when you get a quick second.

Bike198 On Your iPhone

Mobile browsing is now activated for your iPhone viewing on Bike198 and we also have an app in development that will help you consume our content much easier on the most popular cell phone on the planet. To make things even easier…our forum software provider released a FREE iPhone application that allows you to interact on the forum quickly and easily all through a very clean and fast interface on your iPhone. All you have to do is input the url of the forum ( and your user name and password. Then you are off and rockin’ inside the forum with full access to all of the features. (Android app is coming soon from those guys…so stay tuned for that release)

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Tutorials On Community.Bike198

Headstrong356 on the boards has offered to write-up tutorials on different biking related subjects as they relate to maintenance and repair. If you have anything you have been trying to figure out to do on your bike or just would like to see a great list of tutorials as a resource for bikers, hit up the thread below with your suggestions and he will get to cracking on them. Thanks for chipping in!

Taking suggestions on Tutorials |

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