Island Winter Mountain Biking Video from Aaron Larocque

Lush forest, wet winter weather, great cinematography and stylish riding…all great ingredients for a mountain biking video. This video by Aaron Larocque is another great one out of private videos that are making a run at social superstardom by providing over the top quality on video sharing sites like Vimeo and Facebook.

Shot on HVX200, graded with MBL and FCP.
Strahan Loken blasts some downhill on a wet Island winter day.

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With the rise of HD video recording on DSLR cameras (this video was shot with a video camera) and the point of shoot HD cameras like the GoPro Hero HD, mountain bikers are able to share the stoke and show their creativity with mountain bikers all over the world. This growing trend made easy by technology is allowing us to see riding we would have never been able to experience otherwise. It is a great time to be a mountain biker.

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