Racing Fixies At The Roswell Crit

Roswell Crit - Fixed Gear Bike Race

We all know that dicing through over 100 road racers on a short criterium track is insane enough at 30+ miles an hour, but one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time was actually a different animal all together. During the historical Roswell crit in Georgia yesterday, there was a fixie race.

If dropping into sharp turns isn’t hard enough at speed, just imagine trying to do so without the aid of a freewheel. These guys were out there killing it on their fixed geared bikes without a single crash that I could see. Blasting through tight turns pedaling all the way through and drafting other riders with the same obstacles is a feat unto itself. Not surprisingly, these talented riders were running at speeds that were on par with some of the other road bike groups.

Just goes to show…it is all about the rider and not the bike. These guys have my utmost respect for getting out there and racing hard when most cyclists won’t even attempt a fixed gear ride. There were even cheers coming from the crowd…”woohoo! No brakes!”

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