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Yesterday, after a short trip to Industry 9, I headed over to Bent Creek for a ride just outside of downtown Asheville, NC.  I did my normal routine by tracking the ride with Strava and taking a couple of pictures on the way. The only difference this time is that I took the time to sign up for Relive before I headed out.

At the end of the ride I uploaded the images and data to Strava. A couple of hours later I got an alert from Relive that my video was ready.

Here is my ride from yesterday.

The service is free and it gives a really cool look at your ride along with some data and the pictures you took. As of right now you can’t do this with any previous rides you have stored so to try it out you’ll have to go out and get a new one. It also has to be a ride longer than 10km.

Connect your Strava or Garmin Connect account and you are good to go.

As technology progresses it is really cool to see tools like this go live. I can see using this to watch previous rides later on for sure.

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