Santa Cruz Releases 29er V10 DH Bike / Internet Loses Its Mind

The announcement came today that Santa Cruz released a V10 downhill bike with 29er wheels. Anyone with half a brain could see that 29ers were eventually going to invade DH bikes. They have been slowly working their way up the travel range for years and are now a regular sight in the enduro series.

santa cruz v10 29er

As soon as everyone released their articles this morning announcing the new bike, riders everywhere lost their mind on Facebook. The names are omitted to save the commenters from their grammar and spelling mistakes.

“To think Dh couldn’t get any worse, now 29ers are in wtf, next we’ll see flat tracks with no corners.”

“Im guessing the same amount of riders that will be coming out of the closet this year?”

“Next UCI step will be fucking E-Bike … Ridiculus”

santa cruz v10 29er

“Calling all sheep. Start spending… got to keep the bike manufacturers profits up 1f634😴”

“Soooo fucking stupid! Every newb rider will jump on it though with open wallets 1f4b8💸1f4b8💸1f4b8💸1f4b8💸. While the bike industry laughs all the way to the bank…..then 39″ wheels will be the next big ” innovation” 1f44e 1f3fc👎🏼”

“How long before they give this bullshit an electric motor as well.. ?”

“I hate this…”

santa cruz v10 29er

This is just a handful but you can rummage around the net and find some even worse ones.

Why do riders care?

This is what will have to be explained to me. Why do riders care what is released? They act like someone is putting a gun to their head and saying they have to ride 29er DH bikes now. Sometimes I can get the frustration. Anyone with a 9 speed, 26″ bike has something that is worth nothing. Even WalMart doesn’t carry a bike like that anymore. Innovation in the bike industry has been on a warpath lately with new standards, sizes, gearing…you name it. Mountain bikes and components look nothing like they did even 5 years ago now. We haven’t seen this pace of innovation in the sport since it started in the 70’s.

However…this just another option for riders…not something you have to do. Ironically, a lot of the riders bitching are probably on 650B/27.5 DH bikes that have essentially made 26″ DH bikes a thing of the past.

This isn’t some new revelation in the bike internet world either.

29er Santa Cruz V10

Why do you care what other people ride?

I know I am talking about the internet here so all common sense should probably go out the window but why do people care so much what you ride? Buy what you want and enjoy it. What other people decide to do with their money is really none of anyone else’s business. Plus…more options should be a good thing for riders, not bad. I guess some people are just set in their ways and the ability to hide behind a keyboard gives them the strength to vent their anger online without any repercussions.

The 29er V10 is a pretty awesome bike IMO. The Syndicate will be racing it this weekend at Lourdes so it will be interesting to see how it performs and if it hits the podium.

From Santa Cruz V10 29er:

“It’s still early days for 29-inch wheels in downhill and there will always be “horses for courses.” At the end of the day, we want to win races. So if any of our riders feel more comfortable in particular conditions or on certain courses with 27.5″ wheels that’s what they’ll ride. Greg, Luca, and Loris are riding the new bike in Lourdes on April 30th because that’s what they feel most confident on. The V10 has always been about pushing technology in pursuit of speed, and we’re simply continuing that tradition today. The new bike is another leap forward in the progression of carbon downhill bikes and we’re excited to be leading the charge.”

The writing is on the wall, 26″ is dead.

For more info on the 29er V10 click here. 

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