Who's MTB Suspension Are You Running?

by Robb Sutton

Mountain Bike Suspension Manufacturers

Outside of bike brands, the largest competition in the market has to be suspension manufactures. With 99% of the bikes on the market getting some form of suspension treatment from the factory or in the aftermarket, mountain bike suspension component manufacturers are all competing for a spot on your mountain bike. The long time favorites have been Fox Racing Shox and RockShox in recent memory but veterans like Manitou and new comers like Fusion are starting to mix up the options. The big question…who are you running right now?

Poll: What Brand Suspension Are You Running?

Let’s break it down into two categories as many bikes can differ on brands depending on front and rear suspension setups.

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Want to add your opinion on why? Hit up the comments section and let us know if this is what you are running because it came stock on your bike or it is actually the brand you prefer.


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