Cocotte Equipement Fred Messenger Bag Initial Review

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Late last night I posted a quick blurb on my personal twitter account about Cocotte Equipement sending in a sickening bag for us to review! The Cocotte-Equipement “Fred” Messenger Bag is by far one of the sexiest bags I have ever unboxed!

Initially, I was thrilled to unpack this perfectly stitched bad-boy from the corrugated fiber-board it was enclosed in and toss it up on the examination table for review. I personally did not get to spend much time with the Fred Messenger bag, but I did take a moment to sit back and take some snaps and analyze the near-perfect seams and hand-crafted goodness this bag delivers.

Background on Cocotte-Equipement

Cocotte-Equipment established their name in pro tech wear in 1993. Their bags are complete work-horses that spare no beauty or function at the expense of the biker. Their messenger bags are hot-commodities around Montreal and if you’ve seen one in person, consider yourself fortunate, they are sick!

Laying it all out…on the table

First, as I mentioned, I did not get much time with the bag myself, because it was immediately going off for its debut wearing the following morning from a good mate Zak Lindsey, Tulsa, Oklahoma who promised to give it a good beating and use during his commutes around town. He commutes from home to office, office to leisurely activities; and everything in between.

Exterior Features and Details

Cocotte Fre Commuter BagSize: 34 x 26 x 15 cm
Weight: 825 gr
Volume: 14 litres
Shell: 1000 deniers Cordura®,
Webbing and thread: Nylon
Lining: 420 deniers PVC coated Nylon
Shoulder pad: Évazote

  • Although heavy duty, the shoulder strap and assembly seem very light-weight and comfortable to fit. The strapping and associated components are very thick in material weight and the stitching is at least doubled up and very secure.
  • Heavy-duty, Duraflex clip components on the straps, collapsible bands and restraints for security and longevity. I don’t think you will “out-do” this bag at all!
  • Two-secure Duraflex clips on the front of the bag to keep the satchel closed and tightly secured.
  • Pull / loosening band is stitched into the shoulder strap and band. I doubt this bad boy is going to come off…
  • Expandable via two Duraflex clips on front of bag that loosen to dramatically increase the overall volume of the bag.
  • Metal shoulder strap loops.
  • Padding, padding, padding, padding, padding, comfortable padding!
  • Double stitched seams is an under-statement!

Interior Features and Details

Cocotte Fred Commuter BagAlthough the exterior of the bag is super slick and sexy, the interior spares nothing in comparison to the exterior. The Cocotte-Equipement bag is just as sexy inside as it is out..

  • Two extremely large and functional Velcro pockets. These bad boys are easily 8.5″ wide.
  • Laptop sleeve provides great padding and protection for our beloved MacBooks and other electronic computers/notebooks.
  • I tested what I could fit in the bag and I got a notebook, folders, few books, three pens, a cell phone, misc jazz from around the office, bottle of water, and my laptop with plenty of room to spare.
  • Two more reinforced pockets, don’t think you’re going to get them to come off.. that’s good!

Initial Impressions

As I stated, this bag is super sexy and well streamlined. I believe you could utilize it whether you’re commuting to your office or riding to grab a quick grocery from the market. The bag sports a nice color of Olive / Khaki / Grey that is very neutral and honestly, if you concerned, could be thrown over the shoulder of even the most fashion conscious individuals. The Cocotte-Equipment “Fred” Messenger bag is the little-brother to the Alfred that really got them going, I believe. The bag is light (empty) and has a great deal of volume to it.

There are definitely larger bags available, but this bag is definitely in a class of its own. It sports the flexibility, style, usefulness and features of a large messenger pack bag at a fraction of the size. I am astonished at how much they were able to fit on to this bag and conceal the padding as well as they did.

Photographs of the Cocotte Fred Messenger Bag

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Cocotte Equipement Company Details

Website at
Located in Montral, Quebec, Canada
Phone (514) 527-7582
Email info {at} cocotteequipement ((dot)) com

Bag we are reviewing: Cocotte Equipement Fred Compact Messenger Bag


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