Carbon Bling – The Ibis Mojo

Ham is building up another incredible sled, the Ibis Mojo. I will admit, I had my reservations about this bike when it was introduced, but even just a parking lot test will tell you that this is a great ride. Granted, this one has a Push’d Pike and RP23, so it has the best air suspension components available. The raw carbon look is even better looking in person and like always…pictures normally don’t do it justice. It will be interesting to get some extended time on the DW Linkage. I have heard pretty good things so far, but time will tell.

This bike is going to have more flex than most frames due to the carbon, but it does appear that it can take a pretty serious beating.

Brian Lopes is now their factory DH racer, but we all know that he rides A LOT smoother than the average rider.

With the best parts on the market (X.0, XTR) this bike should perform flawlessly. Estimated final weight is right at 28 lbs.

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