Custom MTB Wheelsets – What would you build?

by Robb Sutton
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Building a custom mountain bike wheelset used to be a relatively easy decision. There were a limited number of options, brands and variations to choose from. It really came down to a handful of build options and that was it. During the last couple of years, the wheel industry for mountain biking has really exploded as carbon rims and boutique hubs have really flooded the market with a lot of reliable and unique options. When you add in all of the different widths, diameters and engagement options we have now…we are really in the prime era of custom wheel builds.

So it begs the question…what is the combination of rim, hub and spoke that you would build right now? It could be a “money is no object” wishlist or what you are looking at building for yourself right now. We want to hear what you are looking at with custom mountain bike wheels currently. Hit up the comments section below and let us know!

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