Interbike 2008 Recap

As you guys already know, I was not able to make it out to Interbike this year because I was in Maui on my honeymoon. My good friends over at made the trip over and have provided some great coverage of the show.

For those of you that don’t already know, Interbike is a yearly dealer show that normally falls towards the end of September. It is a true dealer show that is normally the stage to release the next years models. Other sites/shows that are used for this purpose are Sea Otter and Eurobike. Articles and Videos – My Favorites

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Cane Creek Headsets – CC released some new models and colors to further diversify their headset line. MTBR posted up a video of a great friend of mine (Malcolm at CC) as he goes through everything on the new lines. Check it out with you get a chance.

Intense Booth – Intense has been working hard this season at releasing two to rides. The Tracer (5.5″ or 6″ trailbike) will replace their 5.5 this year and the Uzzi is completely redesigned. The Tracer really caught my eye and we are working on getting one in to test. The frame has a great look to it and I love the versatility of using a 160mm or 140mm fork.

Chris King – CK has been extremely busy lately as well. Look for a new Fun Bolt front hub, 15QR front hub, bottom bracket, clothes, graphics and more. Chris King has been the staple for high end bike components for years. It is great to see new products coming out of their line.

GoPro Cameras – GoPro makes video/still cameras for the extreme sports world. With a lot of different case options…you can literally take them anywhere and mount them to anything (helmets!). Previously, they only offered a 3mp version, but now you can also get a 5mp wide angle camera. We will have some in by the end of the month…so stay tuned for more information.

Knolly Bikes – Noel at Knolly started by making bikes for his friends that would handle the abuse of North Shore. Over the past two years, his boutique bike company has really started to gain headway as other people across the globe are starting to recognize his build quality and great ride. For 2009, Knolly is introducing their downhill specific bike.

Turner Bikes – Of course, some of the biggest news at Interbike this year (and Eurobike) was Dave Turner’s announcement about going DW-Link for 2009. He talks about this on an exclusive interview that I did with him last month, and it is really exciting to see what is going to come out of this new line.

For the interview with Dave Turner…see this post. Exclusive Interview with Dave Turner is not done updating all of their Interbike coverage so check back to find out more. Next year, we will be there in full force, providing our own coverage and reviews of all of the new product for 2010.

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