Turner RFX – 2008 Model

I got a chance awhile back to get some serious saddle time in on an ’08 Turner RFX. This particular one was custom sparkle white with a Marzocchi 55ATA and a Cane Creek Double Barrel. The ’08 RFX’s received a weight decrease without compromising the strong trail bike attitude that made it a favorite among all mountain, downhill and freeriders. This complete build weighs in right around 32 lbs, and that is incredibly light for a steel sprung 6.4″ travel bike.

My long ride on this rig was at Pinhoti 1 and 2 in Ellijay, GA a couple of months ago. The Pinhoti’s are a climb straight from the car for several miles. I was very surprised how well this bike climbed, especially for a 32 lbs 1×9. Luckily I was able to use the spring off of my CCDB on the bike so it was dialed exactly the way I would have set it up if it was mine. The Marzocchi 55ATA was part of the reason for this. The adjustments for compression on the left hand leg allow you to dial in a platform. They even label it climbing, all mountain and dh. With it in the climbing position, it sucked up just enough of the bumps in the trail without any pedal bob. After you get to the first peak of Pinhoti 1, you bomb down to the beginning of Pinhoti 2. The bike is just dialed to go down. For a bike that wasn’t mine and it was my first ride on, I was extremely comfortable at speed. The bike seemed to just rail on it’s own (and I hate tag lines like that). Pinhoti 2 is more of the same but with an even better dh section at the end, and the bike continued to impress.

What was the best part about the entire ride? Riding with a bunch of sub-30lbs bikes that were fully geared and keeping up with the front pack on a 30+ lbs 1×9. And who says you can’t climb heavy bikes?

From what I hear, the ’09 model is going to get some of it’s lost weight back with 12mm maxle rear axle, ISCG tabs and 1.5″ headtube options. I really like the idea of the options making their way to the RFX. It would really give it more space from the 5 Spot in the Turner line while giving the riders that truly use the RFX’s potential some features they will really use.

Dave Turner designs some great bikes that truly perform. I have previously owned an ano orange Flux before, and it is the best 4″ bike I have ever ridden to date.

History of Turner Bikes

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